Here are some questions to try and determine if your loved one may be chemically dependent. This test is not a diagnostic tool but can help you to determine if your suspicions are correct.
Answer each question below with a yes or no.
Is the person drinking or using any other drug more now than he or she did in the past? 

Are you ever afraid to be around the person when he or she is drinking or using drugs because of the possibility of physical or verbal abuse?

Has the person ever forgotten or denied things that happened during a drinking or using episode? 

Has the person broken promises to control or stop his or her drinking or using, or tried to hide it from you? 

Have you ever been embarrassed by the person’s drinking or drug use? 

Have you ever lied to anyone else about the person's drinking or drug use? 

Are most of the person's friends heavy drinkers or drug users? 

Have you ever made excuses for the way the person behaved while drinking or using drugs? 

Are holidays and social functions unpleasant for you because of the person’s drinking or drug use? 

Does the person deny that he or she has a drinking problem because he or she only drinks beer (or wine)? Or deny that he or she has a drug problem because drug use is "limited" to medical marijuana, or diet pills, or some other supposedly "harmless" substance? 

Does the person's behavior change noticeably when he or she is drinking or using? (For example: a normally quiet person becomes loud and talkative or normally mild-mannered person might become quick to anger). 

Does the person avoid social functions where alcohol will not be served, or drugs will not be permitted or available? 

Are you afraid to ride in the car after a person has been drinking or using drugs? 

Is the person having financial difficulties that seem to be related to his or her drug use? 

Have you ever found alcohol or drugs that the person has hidden? 

If you have answered yes to any three of these questions, then there is a good chance that the person you care about has a drinking or drug problem.
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